Friday, February 7, 2014


A while back, my bud Gordon sent me a copy of a story from the Daily Mail about a party thrown for a woman in England who had reached, through a great deal of hard work, 14 stone, 6 pounds.  Now a stone is 14 pounds so this gal weighed in at 202 pounds but she wasn't there because of a weight reduction program, oh no.  This gal labored to gain weight because you see at 14 stone, Blighty considers her unable to work and therefore puts her on the full dole.  It gets better.  Whilst at the party someone figured out that if her boyfriend filed to become her "nurses aide," he could quit his job and be paid more money by the state in his nursing capacity.  Reports have it being a hell of a party.

Gordie added that this was where the welfare state had placed them but low and behold, it appears that, according to the CBO we're there as well.  It seems the geniuses over there have decided that ObamaCare will result in 2 1/2 million people quitting their jobs because the subsidies then provided will allow them to purchase health insurance, relieve them from the "job trap," and make their lives so much better.  This is a good thing according to the administration to which Little Paulie in the Times today readily agreed.  Amazing.  Who would have thought that The Leader, who told us he would focus "like a laser beam" on job creation would find joy in 2 1/2 million who quit because of his signature legislation? They will now be happy.  Mrs. Rosenfeld, who lived below us in Apt. 2B, having left the pogroms of Eastern Europe might have used a different phrase to describe them: Bums.  Mrs. Rosenfeld knew from happy…and sad.

I know, politics again but this is too good on which to pass.  Besides, what do you want me to talk about, the High Court of the Bundesrepublik who today decided that the OMT program of the ECB is probably unconstitutional but just to make sure (and to avoid making a decision) referred the entire question to the EU Court of Justice so that the entire 28 could have a go and proclaim that what probable is not that at all.  Yea!  Home free!  First in the running for gutless award of the year!
There, I told you.

What this will do of course create a hell of a mess in places like Germany and Holland and Austria whose Volk want no part of any more bail-outs from Sr. Draghi and his bazooka.  It is of course exactly what a large body of Dutch voters wants to hear as the push to get the Netherlands to go onto  "Swiss Status"…out of the EU in regard to currency and Brussels but in it in regard to trade... is revving up (Norway has the same status).  All in all, it was a pretty good day for Charlie the Blogger, as he is insured with what promises to be pretty good stuff in the coming months.  If we make it that far, that is.  This afternoon Jacob/Jack let it be known to the Congress that Feb. 27 is the drop-dead date for the debt ceiling legislation.  Less than 3 weeks.  On a Friday afternoon.  After saying for a month that you weren't sure.  To a mob that hates you to begin with.  Would it be impolite if I ask might not there have been a better way?

It's 4 F. again.  We are promised 16 for the weekend.  Yes, a pretty good day.

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