Friday, February 14, 2014


Well, it is now official.  Italy will have a new government if Matteo Renzi can form one.  In a rather stunning political coup, the former mayor Florence forced the resignation of fellow party member Enrico Metta from the prime ministership and has been asked to form a new government.  And THAT, sportsfans, is the story that will grip Europe for the next few days unless Frankie returns from Meetings with Barry with a new trinket on his arm.  Give the boy credit he's winner with nothing immediately apparent that makes him such.

Trouble and Strife had cataract surgery today and I've been playing Nurse Charlie and inasmuch as it is Valentine's Day I'm about to start my Escoffier routine with a Carre d'Agneau for the little lady. Deep and dark insights into Italy are going to have to wait.  By the by, if anyone out there is contemplating that kind of surgery, don't delay.  It is, as it turns out, it's absurdly simple; it took from wheel-in to wheel-out of the op room, 22 minutes with 8 minutes for the actual event.  You literally cannot notice the difference.  Absolutely remarkable.

Back on Monday with all the dirt.  Oh, it's snowing again.

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