Monday, January 13, 2014


How can onE not Speke of Europe again today?  While I was writing Friday's piece, Sr. Draghi at the ECB announced that there was no change in his views of the world and despite what may be happening or not happening in the U.S. His policy was to make available what ever was required to support the financial condition of the ECU.  Near disbelief at all levels for how, as the opinion went, go he go it on his own in this manners?  Near disbelief on my part at the near disbelief for Sr. Draghi knows full well that talk is cheap and this now hugely sensitive Fed could turn on a dime if things aren' looking good a couple of months from now despite the apparent fait accompli ( there is a glitch or two still)  in the appointment of Stan Fisher as deputy governor.  In any respect, a accommodative ECB would not be the worst thing for Euro politicians who, looking at the Euro in the stratosphere are beginning to mumble unkind thoughts.

But the continuation of this vein would require considerable work and this is being composed on the IPad which to me is no fun, but while I'm on the subject of politicians, the Man of the Year award has to go to Frankie Hollande the leader of the French Republic.  I mean this guy is my hero.  Now the French are well- known for the occasional l'affaire de coeur, but this guy has shattered the record book for...shall we somewhat crudely put it...getting a bit on the side?  I mean, here's a dude with a wife and three or four kids who is a very attractive lady in her own right living apart from Frankie while he lives with Val Trierweiller, a hottie former news gal, in the Elyssee who takes on the duties of the First Lady of France and about whom no one has said a thing while it appears as recently reported getting it on with an actress named Julie Gayet who is considerably younger and hotter that the previous two!  I mean this guy is amazing made even more so by the fact that for all practical purposes, he's a mutt!  Now if he could only get France back to some level of financial and economic viability, we could be talking 'Bony IV ( or would it be V ?) but unfortunately that talent seems to have alluded him. But wow, this sure beats QE IV or tapering!  At least it does in my book.

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