Monday, October 14, 2013


I have no idea what has happened in the Great Washington Debate and 200 miles south west from here in the Fly-Over Zone neither did any one else and it appeared that no one cared.  The World bank/IMF meetings are this week in D.C. so you can bet that there might be a fatality in a race to get in front of a TV camera between a U.S. politician and an International money-spender: note to the Internationals--do not take on Charlie Schumer; a loser every time.  If the timing could be worse, I don't know how.  !0,000 people posturing all at once in one small town.  But the Limo drivers and the working girls from 150 miles around will prosper as always, so the is a silver lining to this mess.

Now do I know what is going to happen?  Nope. Clueless.  The markets of course are taking a "no big deal" attitude about all this for if history is any guide it will get fixed a minute before the stroke of doom.  Now I'm a bit odd I know but I really would like to see what would happen if a deal didn't get cut, and I would be willing to bet, not much.  Oh, a whole bunch of stuff would get defunded, but default on the national debt?  No chance?  Stop Social Security?  There would be riots.  Medicare?  Not a chance.  You see there is a dynamic here that no one is recognizing as of yet.  Before the Drop Dead Date, The Leader can stand among the angels and posture (he does that well) and look good.  Come Thursday or whenever Jacob/Jack says It Is The Day, he has to start making decisions.  That, he doesn't do well.  And those decisions will affect both Republicans and Democrats.  Nobody likes that.  And lo, we get a compromise because not even Harry Reid can stand that heat.............I think.  Anyhoo, I kinda hope it happens 'cause I got nuttin to do.  But I did pull out $2,000 in cash today...just in case.

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