Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Gang, this one is going to be a beaut.  A veritable "Peace in our time" slobber and all because of me who was wise enough and brave enough and big enough enough to suggest this idea to my new best friend, Vlady, and who, realizing my brilliance, is helping me and MY government to make it happen.  11-5 it's damn close to that or then again, having had his Butt pulled out of the oven for a least a while, he may actually go statesmanlike on us.  That would be refreshing. We shall know in four hours.

Anyway, markets liked the developments, especially the emerging markets which had the damnedest rebound in recent memory, along with the news out of China which was surprisingly positive.  Of course, not everyone believed the China numbers ( including yours truly) but in lieu of anything more solid to the contrary, they are what they are.  We are sort of living in a bit of a never, never world awaiting reality whilst in fact we may be looking at it.  I'll wait another day or two.

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