Wednesday, September 4, 2013


About the only thing good about the Syrian situation is the fact that The Leader is totally involved in trying to pull his butt out of the crack he stuck it in and therefore has no time (along with the Congress) for anything else leastwise the economy which left to its own devices, even for a brief period, seems to improve.  Every day things look a bit better and markets react favorably while ignoring those little things like the ten year closing above 2.90 today.  Even Europe seems to be getting caught up in the excitement as there are claims that the Euro economy is in full recovery mode.  Of course Portugal, Italy, Greece and a few others continue to wallow in unserviceable debt and industrial lethargy but the word seems to be that if one ignores it, it doesn't exist.  Little Paulie is certain to come out momentarily to debunk the entire thing because if this is reality he need find a bridge quickly off which he can jump because he looks dumber by the day.  I'm afraid, however, that while things have improved, the depth and survivability of this upturn will not be sustainable and Little Paulie will live to bloviate another day.

And speaking of such things, The Leader, in Sweden today, instructed the world in  that it was not he who invented the "Red Line" but the world, to which the world replied, "HUH?"  As an American, this guy is painful to watch, but at least the next few days will be dominated--in the press at least-- by the G-20 get together in St. Petersburg and the interplay between The Leader and Putin as if anything said or done over the next few days has any importance at all.  All in all, it's still pretty bleak for poor ol' Charlie unless I want to cover the Feds suing S & P for fraud for the ratings issued by the firm during the financial crisis.  Now if I remember correctly, we had Moody's and Fitch doing pretty much the same thing so one has to ask one's self, "Self, why aren't they being sued as well?"  What's that you say?  Moody's and Fitch didn't drop the US of A's rating to AA?  NO!  You really don't mean that the administration could retaliate in that manner, do you?   Oh, you do...Huuummmm...I  Gee, I guess they crossed a Red Line.

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