Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I ain't got much but just about an hour ago a Federal judge gave himself exclusive authority in the administration of the City's Chapter 9 filing thereby ending, pending appeal, all suits and interference by state courts.  The appeal will up hold the ruling by the way; the law is very clear on this.  Thus will begin one of the truly sad chapters in history and one that with a bit of foresight and bravery on the part of all concerned should never have occurred.

Worse yet, rather than a financial/legal problem the axis will immediately shift to Washington and become political with The Leader and the administration attempting a bail-out that doesn't look like a bail out and with the absolute certainty of racial politics playing a major role in the discussions for as some of you non-American readers might not know, the population of Detroit is heavily Black.  This could really become ugly: we need none of this.  And yet a lot of people are going to be hurt who really share no blame;  these were folks just trying to make a living and who were dreadfully misled, lied to and stolen from by politicians of all stripes and by unions who served the leadership well at the expense of the members.  And let us not forget the auto industry...oh what's the point.  What is not known now will certainly come out in the wash.  A tragedy.

Speaking of The Leader, he was off on another series of campaign appearances giving the same speeches he has given for 5 years about how Washington (read: Republicans) have failed the Nation.  Rather than Obama he should change his name to Barry Pogo--you know, the character in the comic strip forever remembered for his classic line, "We have met the enemy and he is us."  I know, no politics, but the guy is a fool.  Sorry.  I'll do better tomorrow.

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