Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Nothing.  That's what I got out of the Chairman's testimony today.  Nothing.  Nada, a Big, Round Goose Egg.   And that's what I'm going to get tomorrow.  What the hell this guy has against bloggers I don't know.  After all we're people too.  As a result, the markets acted as though somebody had died.  Nothing there as well.  The only good thing that came out of three hours of testimony was The Chairman's response to Maxine Waters, (who has to be the dumbest person in shoes in the history of the Congress), which after 3 minutes of babbling, and a long pause inquired, "Was there a question there?"  Laughter all around.  The Chairman covered by blaming the sound system--which, admittedly, was questionable all day--on an inability to hear but before more hilarity broke out the chairman of the committee mercifully moved the proceeding forward.  A precious moment.

While that was going on, at another location in our Capitol, Jacob/Jack proclaimed that Dodd/Frank had saved the financial system--or words to that effect.  Given the fact that this disgrace of Congressional action remains mostly not in affect, Jacob/Jack confirmed that he is fact an idiot which most of us had suspected.

In fact, the only thing of consequence and possible importance that occurred all day was the minutes from the Bank of England which revealed that by unanimous vote their version of Quantitative Easing would not be expanded in the foreseeable future.  My, it is surprising at times what a new Governor can do as it was well-known that his predecessor was fully in favor of an expansion.  The vote was unanimous which was also a bit of a surprise.  Is sanity beginning to prevail again?  Time will tell in the case of the Old Lady but I am less confident for the future of Our Mob as these theorists, as I have repeated over and over, want to see their theorem proven.  There's a Nobel in there some where.   Oh, economic numbers today, particularly those concerning housing, were lousy, but Stockholm has been there a long time and will be.  You can get one even if you're dead, although it's probably not the same I would imagine.

Here in the fly-over zone it is hot and humid.  Nothing is going on here either.  Wish that Royal Baby would arrive so the girls will have something to talk about over the back fence.  We're hoping for tomorrow as #2 son was born on that date--in London no less.  Rule Britannia.

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