Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Well. it has been a while hasn't it, but the trip to the Right Coast was a good one beginning with the impressive wedding of my old student (the bride was gorgeous), visits with old friends and neighbors and a potpourri of men and women of the markets who are still plying their trade in a vastly changed environment.  Admittedly, we here in the fly-over zone get little first hand and it was nice, I admit, to once again be in the company of people who are making the headlines which we read, or if not so-doing, certainly participating in he goings-on about which this blog focuses.  In later chapter I'll be more specific but it's fair to say that the range of opinions as to where we stand in the economy of today--domestically and internationally--is vast.  So to are the thoughts as to what are the most important issues of today and what the future holds.

We are going to pick up tomorrow with the state of the Fed based on what was related to me and try to handicap future actions which gives you some idea has to how chipper I feel rushing in where angels fear to tread.  Over the past week it was THE story surpassed only by the D.C. Follies, starring the Obama administration and ably supported by every committee and sub committee in the House.

Some have no shame.  Anyway, tune in and we'll get this show on the road again.

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