Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have always promised that this blog will eschew politics and for the most part I have fulfilled that promis.  But what happens when politics is so intrusive that everything else is cast aside, with no space in which to live and no air left to breathe?  Sorry, I'm still not getting into what everybody in D.C has on the top of their heads; Bengazi, the IRS and now the government wire tap of the Associated Press which means I don't have much to say and probably will not for the next few days.

These events are pretty dreadful and in one way or another represent the arrogance of an administration and Chief Executive that have grown over the last four years.  The brightest guy in the room and the best ideas have little chance if the deliverer-in-chief is becoming more and more disliked and as usually happens, continues to immerse himself in a barrel of bubbling sycophants.  I suspect this is going to have a somewhat chilling effect on the slow-coming recovery but in that case it reinforces the view that the time of immense liquidity will be with us a good deal longer and absent the ability for structural change the equity markets of the world are where to be as demonstrated by the performance today after a dull opening.  Man, I need some inspiration!  I'm going to have a couple of drinks and try to find some.

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  1. It's a funny world, but don't believe all of the headlines.

    Bengazi was essentially a CIA station. It is in eastern Libya near Egypt. State was providing a cover story. Stephens had previously turned down offers of more security (see this: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/05/14/191235/amb-stevens-twice-said-no-to-military.html# ) and now the Republicans are trying to damage Hillary for talking points edited down by the CIA where she was providing cover for them!

    The AP is similarly interesting. DoJ is investigating AP for their reporting of the successful CIA infiltration of Al Queda and the prevention of a terrorist attack on the anniversary of the whacking on Bin Laden. Of course the background sources had to be from the CIA, and so the CIA is investigating the AP for reporting CIA background sources on a topic where the White House shortly released the information!

    Now what about Co-Op bank?