Monday, February 11, 2013


"Charlie, you see what he do?"

" Humrumbghh...who?"  It's about 6:00 am and I'm not too crisp.

"The Tedescho,  what, you no hear the news?"

"...The German?  Who?  What German?  Who did what?"  It's Massimo and he's more than agitated.

"IL Papa. that'sa who.  He quit.  Pella Madonna, why the hell he do that?"

"The Pope quit?!  What!  Are you sure?"

'Certo.  Charlie, how you say, this is a mess."

"Massimo. I had no idea you had such a concern for the Church and the Faith.  He's an old man and ill, but I don't understand why you say that this is a mess?  The Church will survive, it always does.  It has faced more crises that this."

"Who talks about the Church?  It's the elections!  Crazy Silvio is back an the people, they love him.  Monti can no get started.  We have the comedian over 15%, and we..."

"Wait, what comedian?"


"Brillo the COMEDIAN?"

"Charlie, you listen to anything I say?"

"Yeah, sure, but Brillo the COMEDIAN?"

"Si.  Is crazy I know, but his party for sure going to be in any coalition.  But now is worse.  They go to pick a new Pope in two weeks.  You think anybody care about the election?  No.  They care about who the Pope.  Now anybody can win, and after the new Pope people say, 'How the hell that happen?'"  Thank God our election come before the Pope but today, that's all the people talk about."

"Well, what is he, left, right, center?"

"No that's it!  He nothing!  He against everything and here everybody is against something so they join his party!"  Charlie, the markets here no like this one bit.  You watch, eh.  Things could go very bad, very bad."

"Whew.  That is a mess but look, it's not hopeless."

"No Charlie, hopeless you know.  This is worse.  This is Italia.  Ciao, Charlie."

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