Thursday, December 20, 2012


This will be the penultimate post before the new year unless something really important happens--a highly subjective phrase--at which point I'll try to make some sense of what has occurred.

In the mean time, I'll be thinking about something to which I haven't given much credence and therefore attention;  are the Brits--or to put it another way--Mr Cameron really serious about leaving the EU in short order.  This is a story that has really flown under the radar except in the UK and yet from the standpoint of the EU it is far, far more important than what happens to Greece on whom so much time and treasure has been wasted.  This is the real Europe we are talking about not some Aegean side-show and today Mr. Cameron made it very clear that nothing is off the table.

I wish There was something to discuss regarding the financial state of my country but there isn't other than to say that it stinks.  What is becoming more and more obvious is there is to be no grand bargain along the lines of The Leader's ill-fated debt commission or anything else for that matter.  There will be patchwork fixes throughout the year leading to who knows what.  The administration, in intellectual lockstep with their guy Krugman, are convinced that the deficit can be financed forever and the Reps have, it seems, convinced themselves that they can do nothing.  Maybe they are both right and we have found the new paradine where the old rules simply don't matter if you own the printing press.  The French, throughout the years have complained about that and perhaps they are correct. Then again, the world ends tomorrow so do we care?    See you on the other side.

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