Friday, November 30, 2012


They are trying to kill me once more.  Woke up yesterday with a few pains here and there: woke up this morning with a full case of the flu.  Can't visit  with the little devils without getting sick.

 Fortunately, not much of interest went on today except increasingly hostile political talk concerning
the fiscal cliff and approaches to be taken to confront the debt burden facing the nation.  The Leader appears to be less willing to speak in terms other that a symbolic victory of higher tax rates for "the rich" before the end of the year uncoupled from any reduction in expenditures all discussion of which would occur in 2013.  I don't think House Republicans can live with that approach and consequently I think we odds of sequester at this stage are about 75%.  It's the only discussion worth having over here.

Over there, The Bundestag approved the umpteenth Greek bail-out plan by a wide margin.  What hasn't been put to bed yet is the buy-back of Greek debt without which the IMF says it will not participate.  The Fund correctly believes that the debt burden is too large but of course the simple way to fix this--debt forgiveness--by the public sector is not on.  Hence, the buy-back.  They'll cobble together something in the next few days so Angie can go back to campaigning for next October without distractions.  Hope I'm here to see it.  Right now, I reckon it's no better than 50-50.

Have a nice weekend.

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