Monday, November 19, 2012


It can be summed up in two words:  nothing happened..  Oh yeah, markets rose all over because of confident and positive words from The Leader somewhere in Asia, followed by his loyal female companion Hillary, who is trying to set the record for how long a sitting Sec. of State can stay out of Washington to avoid answering questions on the remarkable Benghazi mess.  Those remaining in D.C. were blubbering happy words over the weekend and the Euros, simply refusing to believe that the Americans could do anything as stupid as going over the cliff, bought their markets while at the same time trying to kill Greece whilst pretending to save it.  Genius abounds.

I rang up my Really Smart Friend, Larry in an attempt to get the grey cells moving:

"What do you think of Japan and the Yen," sez I?

"Who the hell cares," sez he and that was the end of that.

Thanksgiving is here on Thursday and the proper manner in which to carve a turkey seems to be the most important thing on anyone's minds right now.  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to head outside with a sharp knife and practice on some of the Thousands of Birds walking around in the financial capitols of the world.  They would never even be missed and some good might come of it. But all is not lost:  On Saturday all the right teams won and the wrong teams lost.  And we live in joyful hope.  Tomorrow is the big day in Brussels--or it was the big day--until the Germans put the kibosh on it.In the mean time reports have it that the Brits and the Poles are cozying up to one another.  Didn't work very well in '39 but it's another time and something interesting might come out  of this.  God I hope so.  Football season has but a week left.

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