Monday, April 2, 2012


A rare venture into politicoland.

Told you it was important.  Today, the Leader, in the presence of two heads of state remarked that the Supreme Court had no right to review an act of a duly elected Congress.  Funny, as to the question, I thought that it was exactly for the purpose of reviewing congressional actions that the Supreme Court was established.  I must be wrong if The Leader says so.  If that's the case why go through all this nonsense.  Why not just say something like, "Supreme Court?"  "SUPREME COURT?" I don't need no damn Supreme Court!" It would make life so much easier just like "I don't need no damn Constitution!"
Wonder if he has thought of that.

It's Holy Week so we will hear no more from Europe for at least a fortnight which is probably not a bad thing.  And so thoughts turn to speculating over whether the recovery in the U.S. is real, whether it can continue on it's own or will the increasingly dreadful numbers out of Euroland finally have a spill-over effect into this hemisphere.  I must say, I have never witnessed so many economists and talking heads not only hedging their bets but increasingly refusing to make any bets at all.  No more of this, "On the other hand..." stuff at all.  I have actually heard a couple of them admit that they don't know.  Heady stuff.  All I can say is that I don't like the direction of things either here or especially in Europe.  The French elections are going to begin to dominate the news headlines in about a week and that outcome could well tell the tale.  Remarkably, the left has said such dopey things that Sarkozy may actually be able to pull this thing out.  Then again, he is Sarkozy and how does one run against oneself?

Less noticed,  even by Americans, is the Mexican election in a few months which is vitally important to us and for which electioneering has just begun.  We shall be watching developments to our south over the coming months, keeping in mind that this election will mark probably the successful conclusion to Mexican democratization which really began with Ernesto Zedillo 18 years ago.  There are huge challenges facing Mexico no doubt, but they have made great strides.   I firmly believe that it is vitally important to the future of the United States that the relationship between the two countries is normalized in the form of a hemispheric partnership which, along with Canada, secures the future for all three nations.  Beginning tomorrow, that will become part of our focus.

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