Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm getting a bad feeling about some of the things that are going on in the political sphere, such a bad feeling that I'm getting political for the second day in a row.

Last post was about the reaction of The Leader to the case before the Supremes relating to Obamacare. Since Wednesday I. Have thought about this a bit more and become even more uncomfortable. The general wisdom seems to be that The Leader was attempting to pressure the Court or a the very least frame a campaign issue around the political make-up of the court itself. But what if the latter is true in an even greater sense? The justices knew pretty much how this case would be decided even before the oral arguments and the described "train wreck" that occurred on the second day has led most commentators to conclude that the individual mandate portion of the law is on life support at best with a real chance of the entire law being struck down. But it is only an assumption at best: betting on those nine egos is a a mug's game. At this point no one really knows...or does someone?

The Leader's attack on the court was so monumentally stupid that I began asking myself has this guy gotten a head's up and his outburst was a perfect narcassistic reaction coupled with threat of future attacks? If this is the case we find ourselves in a cold place where we have never been before.

Today is Good Friday throught the Christian world meaning most financial markets are closed. Despite calls from all sources for the labor department to release the very important employment numbers yesterday, the department spurned all requests and released the number today. It stank, and any true believers who were long into the weekend have now long since blown their brains out.

Finally, I called my buddy, Jerry, who if you remember is a nut for numbs and figs.

"What do you think of the economic numbers? I'm suspicious?

"Oh come on Charlie! they are wonderful! Look at new care sales. The Leader has saved the entire industry if not world!"

" Then why do I have this bad feeling?"

"Have bought a new car?"


"Funny, neither has anyone else except for the dealers who now have about three months worth of inventory."

"What? Three months?! And chow do..."

"Finance that? Charlie think like a banker. Money costs nothing. You buy the cars, finance the cars and hope things get better so you can sell the cars. Which means that the population better believe that things are getting better, which means that today' number is really lousy, which means...well...which means that don' give up on QE III."

"Jerry, you don' t believe that a lot of this stuff is getting cooked, do you?"

"ME! Don't be ridiculous. I have all kids of reasons why not that I' ll be happy to share with you but right now I have to get ready for the Easter Bunny. Bye, Charlie. "

" Have a blessed Easter, Jerry. "

"Whatdo you think?"

" No."

" Charlie, neither has anyone else. The sales are to dealers who, by the way, have about a 3 month inventory on hand

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  1. I think Jerry has been reading too many ZeroHedge wing nuts. Tell him to stick with the figs.

    BTW: isn't it great that Jamie had "voldemort" front run the Volcker rule with $100 large!