Friday, March 16, 2012


We're on the road heading East to do some Grandchild sitting next week but I have my trusty IPad along for the ride so I should be able to get a few pithy lines in.  Nothing went on of any real interest today but the snippets I got from the NCAAs were pretty good.

Thanks Carter, for the accurate assesment of the Fed's personnel power.  The old line of mixed emotions being watching a bus full of economists going over a cliff and realizing that there are three empty seats was never more correct.  The best idea of the day, however, came from my friend, Rick, up in Chicago.  Rick is a Yalie and most of those guys back in his time were pretty smart.  He thought he might offer Bernanke $180,000 just to quit and go home and a bonus of $180,000 if he doesn't write or say a thing for a year.  Told him I coud handle 180 bucks of that action but I could sure syndicate the rest.  By the way, if anyone is interested, the methodology used in this exercise in stupidity can be found on the Fed Web sight.  WARNING!  Thoughts of suicide come with the reading.  Beyond belief.

See you next week.

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