Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Now it's Monday gang, that's when we get the deal done, or at least so say the Euros.  Of course what this eans is that the Greeks accept a escrow some constituancies are clammoring...representatives of the Troika inside the the country runni...ah...oversee...ah...observing...yes, that's the word...observing the manner in which the Greeks comply with whatever it is to which they are about to agree.  In other words, Occupied Greece.  11-5 that aint gonna happen.  Headline news, right here.

Actually, I've been out all day and that's about all I have so I beg forgiveness and head off to get up to speed.  Tomorrow?

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  1. Only 11-5? Trying to lure some sucker bets?

    Here is Evans-Pritchard's take:

    "It is clear that Berlin, Helsinki, and the Hague have taken the decision to eject Greece from the euro whatever the country now does. Even if Greece complies to the letter with the impossible terms of the EU-IMF Troika, it will not make any difference. A fresh pretext will be found."