Friday, January 20, 2012


Thanks, Carter for the comments which assured me I'm not alone in trying to figure this thing out.  I thought that by today we would have some idea as to where this was going (and have something on which to comment) but no such luck.  Greece, for pity sakes.  As the new generation would say, "Like, who carrrrrres?!"  But they have managed to hook the future of 300 million people to that wagon and now we have to see where it takes us.  I don't pretend to have a clue at this point but have you noticed that among the talking heads there is a distimct feeling that all will be ok.  I can't share that view but they make more money than me these days so maybe that counts for something.  If they don't get a deal this weekend...well, I guess that means they don't get a deal this weekend.  I'm not going to guess nor speculate.  I'm just going to wait.  I swore I would never get political but wow, that's where the action is these days!  Anyway, we are going to be up to our bums in snow this weekend I think I'll go out and play.

See you Monday

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