Tuesday, January 17, 2012


...and finding very little.  Citicorp missed their numbers today which was not at all unexpected, Wells Fargo beat but really, who cares, nothing happened in Euroland to get anyone excited and indeed, with deposits rising at the ECB, continued reports of a slowdown in Germany, Portugal back in the news...negatively...and the Greeks rioting again it is not surprising that relatively good economic news out of China was seized upon by the markets as a shining glimmer of better times to come.  Perhaps, but clearly there is a lot to overcome.

From my standpoint the one good thing that has been occuring is a growing understanding that the incredible growth of regulation in this country isn't really making things much better and especially, folks are beginning to focus on Dodd/Frank as an example of stupidity running amok.  You see, the people who comment on these thing for public consumption believe themselves to be a whole lot smarter that we poor lot and when they are forced to dodge the questions about this particular piece of legislation because they can't understand what the heck it is supposed to do and how to write regulations to get it done, there is hope.  Not this year, however, with everyone in full electioneering mode.

For you good readers not resident here, this campaign is about the most unseemingly I have ever seen and the REAL business of politics has not even begun.  No one is governing.  It's simply awful and embarassing.  Then again, when people are governing we wind up with things like Dodd/Frank.   I'm confused.  Somehow I just don't think China is the answer.  Maybe I'll think about this a bit more.

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