Monday, December 12, 2011


Apparently, somewhere in France there was a headline, "Sarkozy Traps The Lion," The lion being referred to as being Great Britain.  So I asked one of my Brit buddies, a rather stylish and well-bred slip of a thing named Gillian what she thought of of Cameron getting bagged.

"A Frog's idea of a Lion trap is to buy a cage, step into it and wait for the Lion.  Bloody stupid, all of them."  Despite all of the above, Gillian was never shy.

Gillian is rather indicative of a certain wing of the Conservative Party known as Euro-skeptics that are at this point almost certain that "Jerusalem" was written with David Cameron in mind.  Personally, I think that's a bit over the top but Cameron's stand was indeed a brave one but a calculated one nevertheless and in the cold light of day the view on both sides of the pond is coming around to be that whatever was agreed last Friday may never come about as a number of the 26 are clearly beginning to ask their advisors back home, "what's it all about, Alfs?" and hearing the dreaded sound of the word referendum beginning to echo among the constituants.  If this was Cameron's bet, it was a very good bet indeed and he may well come up trumps in this high stakes Euro poker game.

Meanwhile, with the Moody's announcement of credit review for all of the members, comes a growing belief that France cannot escape a downgrade which puts a further dagger into the lingering hope of a Eurobond bailout (never was going to happen) and even a greater reason for the ECB not to begin to rain down money from on high. And so, all shall retire for the Christmas holidays as predicted and renew the effort to save the unsaveable come mid-January when I am sure the gang will all get together for another chin-wag, probably not in Brussels this time.  Even been to Brussels in the winter?  Awful, and this mob can just take so much awful.  The venue will probably be higher on the agenda than what to do about those awful Brits.  Look for a spot where a bit of shussing down the hills can go on.  Ever so European, that.  Unless something very unexpected and very odd occurs, we are not going to be hearing very much from Euroland for a month or so, which is not a good thng for Mrs. James' little boy Charlie.  I need material and as we used to say in the big war, Euroland is a target-rich enviorment.  Send in your suggestions...then again maybe I'll just speak with Gillian a bit more often.  Always a wonderful experience, then again you can't print half of what she says...least not in a family blog.  Bugger.

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