Thursday, November 10, 2011


That's where I am! I'm also lost. The family gave me an IPod for my birthday (don't ask) and I have no idea how to use the damn thing. Anyway, this is my first attempt so this is going to be short and sweet as I have taken 5 minutes to write these three lines. The talking heads announced today that the Euros have gone off the front page and stocks are looking good. Unfortunately, so is oil which is heAding rapidly towards $100 a barrel which means...well, I don't know what it means.But just to make sure all is well, I gave Massimo a ring this morzningx and not surprisingly, he was in good form. "Embeh, I told you we would make this ok, no?" "What do you mean ok? Your ten year was at a 7.48 yield the other day. You call that ok? I call it stinko." "No Charlie, you don't understand. This is a good thing. We send him a message by no buying the auction. He gets it and now ARRIVEDERCI!" "You mean Burlesconi, right?" "Certo. He go now for sure and you watch, good things start to happen." "Like?" "Like Monti come back. Mario...he very good don't you think?" "Very good indeed, and...?" "Well, you know Charlie Draghi no can stand this guy so when he go you watch the ECB say, "Ciao, Bella Italia" and down go the ten year yield!" "You're that sure he's gone?" "Charlie, Charlie, sempre Americano tu. You look at the bonds but you no look at the stocks. His stocks. We sell the hell out of them for a week. When he go, maybe we no sell them as much. Capisce?" "Massimo, you are a joy to talk to. I just hope you're right." "Charlie, let me tell you something. Greece? Don't worry, she's gone next year and I don't know what that means yet. Ma, if you have to worry, worry about France next year because this guy not going to be around too long and the Asino that he is the other bunch are worse. Triple A? Ha! Not with the socialists. But until then it will be 'Buon Natale'. Just listen to your friend, Massimo. Ciao, Charlie, I go." La dolce vita. The Italians always seem to pull it out. They just love this intrigue and seem to create situations where they can have more of it. Though I shouldn't, I just have this feeling that Massimo may be right. Then again...

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  1. Hmmm. Seems like the Deutschlanders want to keep the EU together AND have their beloved Bundesbank. Strikes me that they can't have both.

    Maybe at 7%+ all that Italian wealth you keep speaking of could come out and buy some of their own bonds? I'd be happy to arrange for a no-doc loan on the Dogges Palace if that would help, or maybe they could pawn some of the Carragios.

    Will admit, haven't been this nervous since August 2008. Fed's adding "foam to the runway" with FX line to Japan (talking of contagion).

    Chao Charlie.