Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Greeks sure know how to throw a party!  100,000 of them out in the streets throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails, yelling, screaming and at the first sign of tear gas...hed home.  Why not?  Nothing else to do like go to work.  Wonderful international theater all captured by the all-seeing eye of every tv network in the western world and then some.  You see, the Greek Parliament votes tomorrow on the austerity measures deemed necessary by the Troika before another cent is released from the bail-out facility.  And austere they are.  If the folks at the Zuccotti Park love-in ever got a look at those heavens knows what the reaction might be.  The thought is too terrifying to contemplate.

Of course, the whole thing is a farce which everybody understands except for the true believers in the total wellfare state for who would substitute government payments for wages, leaving aside for the moment the issue of who the government taxes to get the money to make the payments if nobody pays taxes because nobody earns anything because nobody works.  It is a farce because whatever the parliament passes tomorrow is a sham, never intended to be implemented for any extented period of time because the "orderly" default of Greece, soon to be allowed by the remaining Euros as soon as they can
     1.  Put a ring around Italy,
     2.  Figure out how to rationalize the banks and then
     3.  Reduce Greece's debt burden to a level where (hopefully) draconian cuts in the economy will no longer be needed.  The Greek Parliament will act appropriately so that it gets its Euro fund money which buys time to put the aforementioned in place.  If it were me I'd rather watch Oedipus Rex--you know, the one about the guy that solves the riddle of the spinx (like who knew there was one), offs his old man, marries mom and then things REALLY start going south...But I digress.

This afternoon, Sarkozy was off to Berlin--once again--to meet with Frau Merkel--once again--because nothing had been settled despite what The Grauniard had to say about things.  Now look guys, I just didn't fall off a turnip truck.  Something going on with thos two.  Paris yesterday, Berlin tomorrow: if I were The Grauniard I'd post a couple of newies with a cameraman down to a couple of the Greek Island because one day somebodys going to get a shot of those two on Kalmynos, diving for sponges and sucking on each other's toes.  Imagine, ol' Sarkozy telling people that he wants the French banks to recapitalize in the public markets!  You couldn't find a blind dead man who would buy French bank equity in a Haitian graveyard.  Obviously just another ploy to get to see Angela again.  Instead of talking about saving Europe they should start picking out furniture.  Anyway, I've had enough fun with this.  Let's see what happens tomorrow in Parliment.  Ouzo and baklava anyone?

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