Monday, October 24, 2011


While calling yet again for the opening of the ECB spigot, and speculating that it wasn't going to happen because of silly things like constitutions, laws and regulations, Krugman finally came clean about his beliefs, agendas and as I have urged all to recognize, the true dogma of The Leader and the present administration.  It was an remarkable unveiling and I wonder what the commentary will be if, indeed, The Times will print any, but I shall print the operative paragraphs and follow with my own commentary.

"The broader problem, however", Krugman writes, "is that the whole euro system was designed to fight the last economic was.  It is a Maginot line built to prevent a replay of the 1970's which is worse than useless when the real danger is a replay of the 1930's...

That of course is utter crap.  The Euro system was not in any way designed to address anything in the 1970's and had no thought of the 1930's except in the context of a study of economic history.  The idea was a monetary union to be followed, as the midwives believed, by an inevitable political union in some shape and form not, to avoid another economic catastrophy but a political one as the wise men realized that Europeans, taken seperately, don't like each other very much.  The facilitation of trade and the creation of wealth thru the mechanism of a common currency was the rational that drove the process.   Krugman continued...

"The story of postwar Europe is deeply inspiring. Out of the ruins of war, the Europeans built a system of peace and democracy, constructing along the way societies that, while imperfect--what society isn't?-- are arguably the most decent in human history."

To say he is merely delusional would be inaccurate.  He is a fool.  Now being a fool doesn't mean one is unintelligent, it just means that one is a...well, a fool.  The most decent in history?  Hardly.  The implication that the Europe's recovery was accomplished solely by Europeans...a monstrosity of a historical perversion.  Little Paulie will no doubt point to things like universal health care and ignore the viscious racial incitement, violence and discrimination that has existed and appears on the increase since the War ended.  Nor will he consider for a moment that the very freedom and existence of Western Europe hung by a thread at one point and was preserved only under the umbrella of American military might.  He continues...

"Yet that achievement is under threat because of the European elite, in its arrogance, locked the Continent into a monetary system that recreated the gold standard...[and]...The bitter truth is that it is looking more and more as if the euro system is doomed...Europe might be better off if it collapses sooner rather than later"

No Mr. Krugman, what will collapse is the soft socialism of the welfare state that collapsed under its own weight as it was destined to do.  What has collapsed is the belief that pitting class against class is a winning political strategy that can be counted upon to continually purchase votes with the false promise of social peace.  What has collapsed is the false premise that everyone is "deserving" regardless of effort and that there is in every society an intellectual elite such as yourself whose duty in life is to guide the lessfortunate as to the manner in which and by what rules life should be lived.  What has collapsed is Plato's false belief in the wise men.  There are none so wise.  And lament though you might, your "most decent society" is no more.  It spent itself to death.  

The flailing about on the part of The Leader and this adminstration, so painful to watch, is because of the beliefs shared with Mr. Krugman.  It would appear that reality has finally interveened in the grand design and the fear, shock and desperation is almost palpable.  They may survive politically, but the concept will not.  If we fail to learn from the Euros we will almost certainly face even a graver crisis in the coming matter what the political bent of the governmental leadership.  

Enough of the Gospel according to St. Charlie.  Barring something REALLY important, we'll go back to the Euros tomorrow and their wonderfully insolvent banks.  It was a fun time over the week-end: Nikki and Angie jumped all over Silvio...a sure sign to the conoscenti that L'affair est mort...which is another way of saying they are just sick of one another.  Anon.

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