Monday, October 17, 2011


Told ya so.  I didn't expect the government to change but after the first failed vote the Slovaks got themselves a new government and voted "Aye" on the increased bail-out package.  Joy, satisfaction and praise even from the former managing editor of the New York Times who pointed out the true exceptionalism of Slovakia in comparison to those who might reserve this claim for the good ol' U.S. of A.  A putz if there ever was one but then again it IS The Times.

Up went the stock market fueled by this bit of news last week and the anticipation of the Sarkozy/Merkel tryst of the weekend and down it came today after the German Finance minister dumped a huge pot of cold water on the thought that there would be some "Grand Plan" announced at next week's G-20 gathering.  Herr Schaeuble has gotten into this annoying habit of actually speaking the truth from time to time probably because he's in the center of things and actually does know what's going on as well as being attuned to the fact that any "Grand Plan" is going to be based mainly on the use of his money.  Suffice to say, nothin' goin' down next week or anytime soon for that matter.  The Greeks get their money, the can gets kicked and Christmas comes along.  Oh yeah, as Steve Jobs would have said, "there's just one more thing..." the French elections.

The Socialist Party has chosen Francois Holland, a moderate leftist, to run against He With The Hottest First Lady Around, preggers or not, in next year's Presidential election.  Right now, the Socialists could run five guys named Schwartz against Sarkozy and each would win, a reflection of how low is his standing.  There is no doubt that the Euroland financial mess will be high of the list of campaign issues as it will be for Frau Merkel  which means that both leaders have to tred very cautiously...beginning now.  To be honest, I have no real feel for the French electorate's leaning at this point but being the good pol that he is, M. Sarkozy is certain not to agree to anything definitive until he has concluded that the decision will gain him votes in the election.  Not only is that going to take a bit of time, but the kissy, kissy/huggie, huggie relationship now going on with his German counterpart may come under a bit of strain if the German electorate and the French mob don't see eye to eye.  The last time that happened, if I remember correctly, was some time around the Second Crusade and it was iffy then.

And so, we move into the start of another week, of speculation, posturing and nonsensical reporting from the know-nothings who call themselves the financial press.  Of course this gives The Leader more time to hone his "It's all Europe's fault" campaign.  Then again, next week is a GREAT football weekend, the World Series AND the All Blacks against France.  France?  FRANCE?!  The lads wont even need the Haaka.

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