Monday, September 19, 2011


My survival.  It was a great weekend;  great weather, great comraderie, we won the football game and Herself had a great time once things got underway.  God is good.  He also made beer and wiskey to get us the rough moments.

Speaking of the times, I could have written this piece in my sleep.  As predicted, the central bank mob got together last week in Basel (you can see what I was thinking all along) and while the G-7 were babbling in France the working drones put together a huge swap package covering Eurobank dollar funding for the foreseeable fuure.  Meanwhile, the Greeks just today announced that they were just about in agreement with the Troika as to a financial package that will make all things good.  The Troika---that's the IMF, the EU and the ECB--I love how these little acronyms pop up, has allowed Mme. Lagarde to answer the question as to when the money will go out with the answer, "Implementation, Implementation, Implementation," meaaning the Greeks have to execute.  That's crap, of course, as the Greeks need a bunch by the end of the month and will get it despite no real implementation because all of this is merely designed to kick the can down the road as usual until the leaders can rationalize the banks.  Of course the DOW haved it's losses upon hearing the news once again I wont go there.  It is a farce.

Meanwhile over here, The Leader laid out another "plan" today in the Rose Garden.  It was a whining, politics-only speech attacking all things Republican and demanding all things unattainable and useless.  He continues to completely ignore his (ever notice how many time he uses "I" "Me" "My" whenever it's meaningless) debt commission where, if he would support it's plan on even a cursory basis he could achieve a great deal of bi-partisan support.  Re-election is the only object and given the press reports and the polls most folks have figured that out.  Consequently, expect no serious efforts by the private sector to move in any positive direction as it has become abundantly clear that the business sector's plan is to wait the man out until November of next year and only respond to him  if he wins which is becoming lss and less a certainty.  Sad.

But we're back and having fun again all in one piece and still married.  I need to get fired up on an issue or two.  I think I'll take a nap and think about it.

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