Thursday, September 22, 2011


This was a really bad day everywhere.  China's production numbers came in far lower than expected.  Europe is at sixes and sevens.  Nothing looks promising over here.  Commodities continued their downward track and even gold got hammered.  The only thing that looked anywhere near good was the dollar and that's a relative phenomenon.  Doom and gloom everywhere with cries of "this could be worse than 2008."  I don't see it.  Our guys, at least, are way out in front of this unlike three years ago and at the end of the day there's only one place that counts.  Is it going to be bloody?  Sure, especially for the Euros but that's to be expected.  Remember, banks die on the liability side and as long as there are printing presses  the central bankers can keep the system going.  But the political scene is dark.  I am more and more of the view that the business community has lost all confidence in The Leader and in his administration which means that they are probably prepared to wait him out.  Everyone desperately needs some good news but none seems to be forthcoming.  Maybe tomorrow.  The best we can hope for is some stability.  Let's hope we get it

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