Thursday, August 25, 2011


...will ya love us tomorrow? It's only a day awaaaaay! Ben gives his big talk out west tomorrow and everyone is waiting for the event especially the stock market, but there was a sniff of reality in the air today which is to say expect a big, fat nothing. I'm going to wait until tomorrow as well to do a close-out piece for the next week or so because I'm going on holiday. What the heck, if The Leader can get sand between his toes with all on his plate why can't I? I deserve it. As The Babe once said, I'm having a better year that he is. By the way, something's up with either Google, the service or me but I can't seem to get paragraph breaks in the last few entries. I'm not trying to go James Joyce on you or anything but I can't seem to fix the problem. I'll be working on that tonight as well as trying to figure this Greece thing out about which I must admit I am confused. Maybe the simple answer is they're all nuts in Euroland. See you tomorrow

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